Baking Soda Candida Treatment

What is Candida and why you need to make use of baking soda Candida treatment?

Baking Soda Candida TreatmentCandida is a natural fungus which is found in the human body. It is usually found in the intestine, and vagina in small amounts, which is normal. However, when there is excessive growth, a vaginal yeast infection is caused which gives rise to itching and scratching of the area more often. This is certainly not a comfortable situation.


The usage of baking soda to treat the Candida infection reduces the yeast and bacteria levels. As you know baking soda is also called bicarbonate of soda. Earlier it was only used for cleaning purposes, but today you can find people using it for medicinal purpose. You can find people using it to cure upset stomachs or heartburn. It contains high levels of pH which makes it alkaline.


How Baking Soda Candida Can Help?

Sounds weird, how can baking soda Candida treatment help? The alkalinity and acidity that is present in the body gets changed when you make use of certain amounts of baking soda. It completely reduces the presence of the fungus present in the body. But excess consumption on baking soda can also raise the bodies alkaline level’s, which can also worsen a Candida yeast infection, so it’s advised that one should use baking soda in appropriate amounts.


Case studies

In a study carried out in 2009 in Brazil, by a professor and his student to evaluate the effects of Candida albicans, denture tests were activated thermally with 5% sodium bicarbonate, and various other products were tested for their Candida fighting properties. But the effectiveness of 5% sodium bicarbonate matched the anti-fungal abilities of the leading products.

The study showed that when 5% sodium bicarbonate was used on thermally activated acrylic resin, it helps in reduction of Candida albicans adherence, matching that of Colgate (0.12% digluconate chlorhexidine). For cases of oral Candida, one should try switching to a toothpaste containing baking soda to provide faster relief.

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In another study in the Mycopathologia Journal, released September 2012, A research was carried out to investigate the antifungal activity of Candida baking soda on the main three fungal groups which include dermatophytes, yeasts, and molds that are mainly responsible for nail infections and human skin. The vitro antifungal activity of baking soda Candida was performed on 70 fungal strains that have been taken from nail and skin infections.

The specimens tested with baking soda of 10 g/L were noted to have reduced 80 % of all fungal isolates including Candida albicans. The findings of this study just go to show the effectiveness of baking soda in destroying fungal growth.


The above two studies indicate that baking soda Candida treatment can to some extent decrease the growth of Candida yeast present in the body. However, it is also important not to overuse baking soda too much as it is fairly alkaline, and can trigger further Candida yeast infections more if used excessively.


What is the Appropriate Sodium Bicarbonate Candida Usage?


The ideal baking soda Candida mixture would be 1 cup (8 ounces) water and ½ teaspoon of baking soda. The taste might not be ideal for most of you, hence close your nose using your hands to avoid the smell. When you are not feeling well or having an upset stomach, it’s better to avoid it. But the severity of your symptoms will decide on the number of times you should drink the baking soda per day.


Under normal circumstances you can have it about 3 times a day in small amounts. The timings would be once in the morning after having breakfast, in the afternoon after having lunch, and at night after having your dinner. However, few people have tried drinking the dosage one hour after having meals. Once you find that the symptoms have vanished, you can stop drinking the baking soda Candida.


Baking Soda Candida TreatmentDrinking may not be the best idea for all of you, which is why you can consider bathing in it. Take 3 to 4 teaspoons of baking soda and add it to warm water. It would be ideal if you had a bathtub. You need to sit inside the bathtub for 30 minutes. For those of you who do not have a bathtub, you can apply it continuously on the affected area.


Once you have finished your bath, use a dry towel and clean the entire area. However you will also want to know that frequent use of baking soda will cause pain in the kidneys and discomfort in the intestines. If you are somebody having high blood pressure or heart ailments, then you will want to consult with your doctor first before consuming the baking soda Candida.


These were some effective home remedies which can help you get relief from yeast infections. However, you will also want to ensure that you consult with a good doctor at some point of time when the infection is severe. For those of you on sodium-restricted diet will want to avoid making use of Candida baking soda.


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