Candida Depression

What is Candida Depression?

Candida is a kind of yeast that is usually found in the intestine of the human body. The human body requires certain amounts of Candida for digestive purposes as well as enabling the individual to have proper health. However, when the levels of Candida present in the body increase, that is when there can be problems.

Candida is known to cause depression, and there is no magic formula to treat the Candida depression. Depression can cause serious health ailments as well as mental complications when not treated immediately. This is when you will need to do something about your Candida depression. The hormone production is mostly done in the intestinal tract of the body.
A recent study was carried out to find out whether yeast infections impair recovery from mental illness. The study was performed using olive leaf extract and micronutrients for the treatment of attention-deficit or hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and depression. There are many micronutrients which are used to treat psychiatric disorders including mood disorders, ADHD, stress, and anxiety. When there are yeast infections like Candida depression, there are many pointers which influence the optimal response of nutrients. The participants having a yeast infection were made to undergo further test to completely understand the impact of micronutrients on psychiatric symptoms due to the micronutrients. The results showed that there was considerable improvement in the psychiatric symptoms (ADHD and mood) using olive leaf extract (OLE) and probiotics. It shows that micronutrient treatment can greatly affect treating patients with psychiatric disorders using nutrients. The body finds it easier in absorption of the micronutrients. So, on the whole, olive leaf extract and probiotics are recommended when one is experiencing from Candida depression.
Another study was conducted to find out the association between chronic stress and recurrent vulvovaginal Candida. The study was done to also find out why chronic stress affects the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. The cortisol (stress hormone) levels were checked in the saliva in the morning. Results showed that women having recurrent vulvovaginal Candida and chronic stress had higher cortisol stress hormone levels. The finding from this study suggest that depression and Candida can work hand in hand. So, feeling depressed can raise your cortisol stress hormone and over time cause Candida infections, and also that Candida infections can also make one feel depressed due to the pain and discomfort it can bring to the body.

Cortisol Stress Hormone

Treatment Options:

– Proper Diet and Some Exercise

With the aid of a proper diet and some exercise, you can get rid of the Candida overgrowth that is present in your body. Foods which are good include: green vegetables, nuts, seeds, peppers, unsweetened yogurt, and oils would be fine. Berries can be considered to a certain extend. These foods provide all the essential vitamins and nutrients to your body, and help keep the Candida infections at bay.
At the same time avoid foods which are high on sugar and carbohydrates. That is because sugar rich foods will help the bacteria to grow and cause more problems to you. For a quicker way to treat Candida check out this guide. This guide will help you step by step with all natural remedies.
Candida Depression ExerciseWhether you are obese or not, consider exercising. A few minutes a day will do a world of good. Research has shown that individuals who exercise are more likely to remain happy and positive.
You too would love to remain positive and happy in life. A small walk or jog around your home for 20 minutes should do. Herbs are also very powerful ingredients to help in controlling the bacteria and preventing Candida depression. It is not surprising that herbs where used a century ago and are still popular even today, as they do have many other health benefits as well.
There some homeopathy remedies and vitamins to help in controlling the growth of Candida yeast in the body, some of them include: pauD’Arco, oregano oil, caprylic acid, grapefruit seed extract, black walnut, biotin, and beta carotene.


– Avoid Unnecessary Stress and Tension

As it is you that is depressed, you must look to avoid unnecessary stress and tension. Due to your medical condition and becoming stressed and tensed will only cause you to worry more. Avoid complicated situations and unwanted tensions which come by everyday in life. Take them with a smile and remain positive.
There are several patients that have the made the mistake of feeling bad and depressed during their treatment, which has adversely affected their condition. Try to surround yourself with positive people. If you find a friend or colleague who can make you laugh and happy, then invite him/her over for a cup of tea or supper. This way you can remain happy and glide through your sorrows.

Consult a Health Professional

Candida depression is a very complex and difficult condition which is most of the times very tough to understand, even by experienced physicians. That is why it is essential you consult with a physician who understands and knows your condition. He/she can work with you to help you come out of the difficult times.
Before getting treatment from a physician, go through their website and find out if they have worked with patients having your symptoms. If they have, then you can fix an appointment with them and meet up with the physician. Unless you are convinced that the doctor can really help you with your condition and bring you out of your misery, you might want to get a referral from your doctor instead.



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