Candida Die Off

What Does Candida Die off Mean?

Overgrowth of yeast takes place inside the body of individuals who suffer from CRC that is Candida Related Complex issues. Symptoms can be seen once after maximum proliferation of the yeast has occurred inside our intestines and then the systemic level of this yeast reaches to a critical level. So, at this point of time it is very important to reduce the levels of Candida to the normal healthy level, or even below normal level for especially those who are more prone this infection by using medications or natural remedies. But even then there are side effects of some treatments, because the living yeast can release metabolic by-products into the host’s body which are toxic in nature and when we kill the yeast at a faster rate in large numbers, it can release many toxins into the system, this is when die off Candida symptoms can occurs.


A thorough study was carried out in 1991 on the The Herxheimer Effects. This effect was first observed when the Herxheimer brothers were treating patients with syphilic lesions with the help of mercury at first, followed by arsenic as well as bismuth preparations. Their observation noted high fever, perspiration, vomiting and nausea in the patients. They also went on to observe that just before the inflammations settled down and started to heal, the lesions got larger and worse. They later stated that this phenomenon happened because of the breakdown of the by-products of spirochetes which followed after the treatment. These by-products were endotoxins, which increased the inflammation but soon calmed down due to proper medication.


This observation of the Herxheimer effect has also been associated with some of the symptoms of Candida die off. These symptoms are usually experienced after the use of antifungal medication or when following an anti-Candida diet, where the environment is created for the Candida to rapidly perish. With such sudden change, the Candida dies too quickly and this happens more when the amount of colonization is high, and such a devastating effect is observed which does include the sudden fever, more inflammation, nausea etc. This observation clearly states that such a situation is followed by the patients getting well in almost all cases, and such a situation has never proven to be fatal, hence the die off Candida effects are a mere inconvenience towards getting rid of Candida for good.


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Symptoms of Candida Die Off

Candida die off is such a situation in which it makes the person feel ill, which means that when the Candida yeast starts dying quickly, the toxins released in the body creates many health issues. But it is not likely to create the same kind of symptoms in all the sufferers equally; rather it varies from person to person. Some people start actually feeling better after the Candida die off occurs like having better focus and concentration, increase in energy, better elimination but that does not mean they won’t experience other issues like fatigue, headaches, stuffiness, vaginal discharge etc. in the long run. The other adverse conditions which are the general symptoms of die off include numbness, confusion, brain fog, diarrhoea, or constipation might occur in most of the patients within a week or two.


How to reduce the effects of Candida Die Off?

Here are some of the strategies to reduce die off Candida symptoms:

– First of all, the use of natural remedies (anti-Candida foods) should be used at least until the symptoms of die off are no longer there. By including natural remedies (anti-Candida foods) into the diet, one has a very good chance of killing off the Candida overgrowth in the body. Once the Candida die off reaction been and gone, one should continue eating anti-Candida foods to prevent infections from returning back again in the future.
– The digestion of foods can be improved with help of enzymes and so they should be included in our meals. With the help of enzymes, the putrefactive short chains of fatty acids can also be limited. Pancreatic enzymes should be included in the diet eliminating plant based or fungal ones.
– The body should be kept hydrated by consuming clean water every hour throughout the day.
– 8 to 10 hours of sound sleep is very important because during Candida die off it is very much necessary to get sufficient rest.
– The toxins can be neutralized using activated charcoal, biotin, molybdenum, and pantethine, which can help to support our liver.
– The toxins can be buffered using alkalising agents after the die off symptoms starts showing.
– The oxidative reactions inside the body can be quenched using anti-oxidants like vitamin A, vitamin C or E, N-acetyl cysteine etc.
– The bowels should be kept moving and should prevent the toxins from being re-absorbed in the body. The persons who have constipation may face issues with elimination.
– Adding epson salt to the hot bath and soaking the body for 20 minutes in the night can also help in detoxing.


Not Sure if you have Candida Yeast Overgrowth in your Body? Then try the Candida Spit Test:

People suffering from oral thrush can also try out a non-laboratory based Candida spit test that focuses largely of visual interpretation. This yeast infection test relies upon the principle that the saliva of people contaminated with the yeast fungus in their oral cavity is heavier than water, unlike that of healthy people.

If you are looking to take this test yourself at home, here is the procedure:

– The first thing to bear in mind is that the test must be done before brushing your teeth in the morning. So as soon as you wake up, fill a clean clear glass three quarters with cold tap water.
– Now gather some saliva in your mouth and spit into the glass with the water inside, and leave this aside for about 15-20 minutes.
– After waiting, see if the saliva in the glass has started sinking or streaking long specks (like a spiders web) to the bottom, or made the water cloudy. Any of these signs could indicate that you have an overgrowth of candida yeast infection. As seen in the diagram below:

Spit test diagram

It is advisable to not solely relay upon the results of a spit test to asses if you have a yeast infection or not. Its better to take a proper clinical test at your doctors surgery to be fully sure. To find out how to do the candida spit test in more detail click here!


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