Candida Fighting Foods

Candida is form of a common fungus which resides in the host’s intestines and mouth under normal conditions and in small amounts. It mainly helps in proper digestion. But, the main problem occurs when the overgrowth of these fungi take place due to improper diet, other medications or environmental conditions. One of the most important steps in preventing Candida is following a proper diet. The main aim should be starving the yeasts to death. The main symptoms of Candida proliferation are frequent yeast infections, mood swings and improper digestion.
Candida Fighting Foods - HoneyA comparative study done on honey and miconazole to find out their antifungal effects was published in 2013. Different dilutions of honey and miconazole were prepared and the cultures were incubated. After observation on the Candida growth, it was found that honey when at 80% diluted state, to a significant extent controlled Candida growth. This showed that honey can be used for treating vaginal Candidiasis.
The above study clearly reflects that honey does have fungicidal properties which can help reduce Candida growth. But it all depends on the concentration and amount of the honey being used. Honey shouldn’t be the only method of treatment you use for treating Candida, but instead be used alongside a number other Candida fighting foods.

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Here is some of the Candida fighting foods which a patient suffering from Candida should include in his or her diet:



Candida Fighting Foods - GingerGinger is included amongst the most effective Candida fighting foods and helps in detoxifying the growth of Candida and also supports the liver significantly. It has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in digestion and reduces intestinal gas. It also helps in reduces any kind of inflammation caused in the intestinal tract due to Candida overgrowth. Ginger can be consumed by crushing and mixing it with lukewarm water, it can be mixed with the regular tea we have and also we can use plenty of ginger in cooking which will also help in enhancing the flavour of the food.


Cruciferous Vegetables:

Candida Fighting Foods - Cruciferous VegetablesVegetables like cabbage, broccoli, watercress, brussel sprouts etc. are cruciferous vegetables and contain certain phyto-nutrients which help to combat the yeasts and it does not contain any kind of carbohydrates that can feed the yeasts and are hence great choices of Candida fighting foods. The fibre present in these vegetables is prebiotic in nature and helps to restore the amount of healthy bacteria in our gut. The cruciferous vegetables mainly contain sulphur-containing and nitrogenous compounds that help to fight Candida. The vegetables should always be consumed in small amounts first to avoid any die-off side effects condition.


Apple Cider Vinegar:

Candida Fighting Foods - Apple Cider VinegarAn article published in 2015 about the antifungal activity of apple cider vinegar in combatting Candida in patients having denture stomatitis states that with the use of microdilution techniques it was found that, after an exposure of 30 minutes ACV had 4 times better effect than the antifungal spray ‘Nystatin’.  This showed that ACV had a significant effect in controlling the Candida overgrowth.
This study revealed clearly that when apple cider vinegar is consumed then it does show significant antifungal properties in inhibiting the effects of Candida. This helps a lot when patients with denture stomatitis suffer from Candida.
For yeast infection, apple cider vinegar has proved essential amongst the Candida fighting foods because it is a natural anti-fungal and resists the growth of harmful Candida yeasts, and other disease causing micro-organism. The immunity level of our body is raised as the apple cider vinegar improves the rate of good bacteria that resides in our gut, and this helps the body fight various diseases and helps in digestion of food easily. In the vagina, the pH levels normalize back to acidic and the harmful Candida fungus cannot survive in an acidic environment.


Pumpkin Seeds:

Candida Fighting Foods - Pumpkin SeedsThese are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids having anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties. ‘Omega-3’s helps in fighting depression and other symptoms of inflammation caused by Candida that includes pain and skin irritation. It is a well-known fact that most of us don’t have enough supply of Omega-3 oils through our daily food which can maintain a healthy thyroid. Deficiencies in Omega 3 fatty acid leads to lowering of thyroid hormone levels. Pumpkin seeds can be added to cereals you consume, salads and other drinks for an easy boost up in Omega-3.


Cayenne pepper:

It provides natural support to the digestive and immune system as one of the beneficial Candida fighting foods. It helps in digestion of food and cleanses the bowel if there persists any toxins within or Candida yeast itself, thus helping in reducing constipation. Cayenne is also known to increases metabolism and circulation health and thus in using cayenne pepper not only helps fight Candida but also spices up our favourite dishes.



In Candida suffers, patients can sometimes experience water retention, and eating onions helps in eliminating any excess fluids present in the body. To avoid smelly breath due to raw onion consumption, it can be eaten along with small amount of parsley. Onion acts as a natural anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and even anti-bacterial, and helps in boosting the immune system because it has phyto-chemicals and it is rich in Vitamin C. Onion, as a Candida fighting foods, improves the circulatory health because it helps in proper circulation of the blood and increases perspiration.



Candida Fighting Foods - GarlicGarlic proves to be one of the best Candida fighting foods because it contains a natural antifungal agent called allicin which contains sulphur. It can be a best natural antifungal medicine when eaten raw. Moreover raw garlic also helps in boosting the friendly bacteria present in our gut that helps us in digestion and it protects them from any other force that can kill them. Garlic can be easily added to any food and it automatically enhances the flavour. It can be consumed as a tonic by mixing some crushed garlic with water.



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