How to Treat Candida

The All Natural Treatment For Candida by Linda Allen:

This is one of those interesting programs that many people suffering Candida would like to know more about, and whether it could help them solve their yeast related problem’s for good.
This treatment, which is known as Candida Treatment by Linda Allen, can help people who suffer from the emotional and physical effects of yeast infection by using Natural Remedies. It is a kind of book, or more like a guide that will guide you in great detail in order to help you to eliminate your sufferings from yeast infections and get relief. Many people have enjoyed positive results after trying the methods within this treatment, so let’s have a look at some of the benefits and flaws within it.

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Sneak Preview of the 240 page Guide:

It features over 200 pages of power-packed information about Candida Yeast Infection, From how it happens to fully treating and preventing it, lets have a glimpse inside:


What is the Benefit of this Guide?

– This treatment offers all natural remedies to help you permanently clear overgrowth of Candida yeast infection. This includes the many types of Candida yeast infections across the body.
– As we all know, there are lots Candida species that are categorized into this type of yeast infections. So if you have one of these types then of course you should consider having this type of system in order to help you clear Candida permanently.
– This system also provide the lifetime of customer support. That means if you have some question related to the system then you can ask away. So, you will find it easier on how to handle the type of yeast infection that you have.
– This system also offers you the 60 day guarantee of full money back if you are not fully satisfied with it. This is the kind of treatment that many systems do not dare to provide.
– Other than that, this system also provides you with some very useful bonus guides. Which include: Optimal Diet Secrets, All Natural PMS Relief, Rapid Stress Relief, and the last one is Natural Yeast Infection Relief.


Any Downside to this Guide?

So far, there aren’t many known drawbacks of this treatment. The only thing that you might find lacking from this system is that the stated time of 3 days can actually take a little longer for some people to see results in. However it is pretty understandable as the body’s metabolism can vary from person to person. Also, the other lack is that you need to buy some other naturals ingredients in order to help you with the curing process. But these ingredients will be viable at your local grocery or herb store.



The Bottom Line:

Well, inside this book, you will find lots of things useful, related to the many types of yeast infection that you might have. There, is a good scope of information about the sign or symptoms of the yeast infection, as well as information about the cause and the kind of suitable treatment that can be helpful to cure it. The book is well-written and easy to understand and follow.

This book contains many things related to yeast infections. So, it should be very useful to use when you have some signs that you are suffering from something related to Candida yeast infections. This treatment works for both female and male.

One thing that you might like about this program is that it will help you to permanently treat all types of yeast infections, and you can cure the yeast infection without the use of lotions or creams, and without taking prescription drugs. It also works even if you have severe Candida of yeast infections. So overall, there is no doubt you should try this product if your serious about eliminating your yeast infection.

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Some Basic Home Remedies for Candida:

Candida albicans is the known causative agent of the yeast infections that can potentially affect almost any part of the body, and this is particularly true in case of people with weakened immunity. Therefore, it becomes essential that people become aware of the various treatment options that are available to treat this pesky infection effectively, and cease suffering from the various symptoms they cause. However, one fact that one must keep in mind is that since this infection can affect various parts of the body, the drug administered needs to adapt accordingly. Vaginal yeast infection is the most common of these infections, and a number of non-prescription and prescriptions antifungal drugs are available to take care of it. Many such treatment options are also available for taking care of yeast infections affecting the genital area in men, as well as, other body parts in people. However, apart from the chemotherapeutic drugs, many also prefer to opt for the natural remedies that do not contain any harmful side effects such as nausea and fatigue.


Natural Remedies Include:

Coconut oil
Grapeseed extract
Apple cider vinegar
Olive leaf extract
Herbal washes
Herbal oils
No sugar balanced diet


A number of natural treatment options exist that can help in tackling the symptoms associated with yeast infection, and be effective in completely curing it as well. The most well known option is getting adequate rest combined with a certain minimum amount of physical exercise every week.

Both of these practices help in boosting the immune capabilities of a person naturally and help in combating the Candida fungus, which is essentially an opportunistic pathogen and can cause an infection only in the absence of adequate immunity.

A balanced diet is also important in helping keep the immunity in shape, while lack of inordinate amounts of sugar is crucial (no sugar diet) because of the role it plays in helping the Candida yeast thrive. Moreover, avoiding certain food items such rich in carbohydrates can also helping in preventing the abundance of yeast organism in the body. Apart from that, using all-natural herbal washes helps in curing the symptoms of genital yeast infection, particularly in men. In addition, vinegar douches and herbal oils have proven to be of much effect in a large number of women suffering from vaginal yeast infection. Moreover, probiotic agents such as yogurt taken orally or administered locally to fight the Candida fungus have also gained favor among a number of women suffering from this condition, especially the recurrent variety. Other natural treatment options include: coconut oil, grapeseed extract, raw apple cider vinegar and olive leaf extract.


How Good is Virgin Coconut Oil for Treating Candida?

A study in the year 2007 was published in ‘PubMed’ which discovered if virgin coconut oil could be used as an anti-fungal agent. When 52 isolates of various Candida species were obtained in Nigeria in 2004, the results showed positive success. The agar-well diffusion technique was followed. Candida albicans was not only the most common isolate (17) but also showed the highest susceptibility to coconut oil (100%).
In an experiment to test the effectiveness of coconut oil and fluconazole against Candida species, the results were very encouraging. While Candida albicans showed the highest susceptibility (100%), C.krusei showed the highest resistance. Coconut oil at 100% concentration was active against Candida species compared to fluconazole.
Since Candida species are becoming drug resistant, both studies indicate that coconut oil can successfully prove to fight fungal infections. Candida albicans showed 100% susceptibility to coconut oil. Thus, coconut oil can be a highly effective treatment to fight most cases of Candida overgrowth in the body. Coconut oil does contain a very high amount of saturated fat, but it can be consumed in small quantities, as well as be applied externally.


Conventional Treatment for Candida:

The treatment options availed for combating a Candida yeast infection depends upon the area of the body affected. Similarly, the route of administration of the drug depends on it as well.

Vaginal yeast infections respond well to both locally administered and orally administered medications, and the choice largely depends upon the preferences of the patient concerned. A dose of antifungal agent such as fluconazole is often the medication of choice for the treatment of cases of vaginal yeast infection. However, in case of the recurrent variant of this infection, administering the drug every other day for at least a week is often the chosen treatment option. The important fact to keep in mind here is that women must ensure that they complete the course of their medication because many usually give up once their symptoms start disappearing. However, this is a recipe for disaster because a small amount of Candida yeast will remain in case of incomplete course of medication, and will return to cause recurrent infections.

However, another option for the administration of the antifungal medications lies through the vaginal route which often proves to give quick relief from the various symptoms of this infection such itching and rashes. The generic names of the common classes of antifungal administered through this local route include clotrimazole, miconazole, tioconazole, and many more that helps in clearing the infection of yeast out of the vaginal canal. The vaginally administered drugs come in the form of creams, gels, lozenges, and suppositories.

The topical mode of applying antifungal medication is also among the preferred means for treating genital yeast infection in men. Drugs with the universal name of miconazole, clotrimazole and econazole are available for application as topical creams and gels for reliving some of the symptoms of this infection such as irritation and rashes on the head of the penis in infected men.

Polyene antifungal agents and azole drugs are the preferred choice of medication for treating oral thrush. Medications in the form of lozenges, or troches containing drugs such as Mycostatin, and clotrimazole prove to be highly effective. However, in case of yeast infection of the nail bed, orally administered medications are the preferred choice because of their greater effectiveness compared to the topical ones. Finally, treatment of invasive Candida infection requires application of both oral and Intra-venous drugs. The exact choice depends upon a number of factors such as age, and health condition of the patient with choices including fluconazole, Amphotericin B & Echinocandin group.


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