Vegan Candida Diet

Some yeasts like fungi of the Candida genus cause the disease Candidiasis. Thus to prevent the disease or to fight against candidiasis one should try to follow a vegan diet. The Candida fungi is not only present in the area of the infection, but the fungi tends to overgrow intensively in the genital area as the local and general immunity of that person decreases, then the disease Candidiasis occurs. A vegan Candida diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in herbal and medicinal antifungal ingredients should be followed. This kind of diet will help in normalizing the intestinal micro flora, and it will help in controlling the growth of fungus and stop the reproduction of various micro-organism from occurring. In this way the intestinal micro flora balances and helps in allocating special lactobacilli to fight Candida. The vegan diet will treat the fungus fully several times and will result in full recovery.

A vegan Candida diet should be maintained because it will restrict the Candida from feeding within your body, and it will start destroying the fungal growth in a short period of time. When the fungi will not get any meal, they will not be able to reproduce as they mainly grow on diets high in carbohydrates and sugar.

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Foods that are included in the Vegan Candida Diet:

– Breads made up of whole wheat flour and rye. (but without yeast)
– Other than peanuts, nuts and seeds can be included in a moderate quantity.
– Cranberries, lingo berries along with their leaves, and other red berries.
– All the fresh vegetables are included, except potatoes and white rice.
– Fried fruits or vegetables are a big no, stewed, steamed or boiled vegetables are preferable.
– All the spices have a negative effect on the fungal growth. (turmeric, cloves & cinnamon are very good)
– Onions and garlic act as antiseptic and stop the fungal growth in the organism. They help in enhancing the body’s immunity too.
– It is always preferable to drink a lot of clean water and carrot juice as it contains beta-carotene, the mucous membrane of the body is restored and strengthened. Herbal teas can also be consumed from chamomile, Lucerne and plantain.


Plant-Based Proteins:

A vegan Candida diet mainly includes products that are derived from the plants like the tempeh, textured vegetable proteins, tofu, TVP which are some of the best choices in protein. The bulk of the meals mainly comprise of the legumes and beans, and the patient should not consume more than 1 cup of legumes or beans that is cooked. This can reduce the amount of carbohydrates or sugar that are available to the Candida fungus. Nuts that are mainly consumed are walnuts, cashews, pecans, almonds etc. For a whole host of herbal remedies for treating Candida, click here!


Plenty of Produce:

Fresh vegetables and fruits are the main constituents of the vegan Candida diet as mentioned earlier. Non-starchy vegetables, unsweetened frozen & fresh fruits are preferred. Include vegetables such as: kale, asparagus, cucumber, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, ginger, fennel, hot peppers, zucchini, swiss chard, parsley, celery, Brussel sprouts, and looking to buy organically grown fresh produce where possible.

Fruit juices, raisins, starchy vegetables, like the yams, potatoes should be avoided along with corns. These can increase the level of sugar extensively in the blood stream of the patient.


Dairy Replacements, Rich in Calcium:

Although Vegans don’t eat animal based yoghurt, unsweetened yoghurt derived from goat, cow and sheep are advised for the anti-Candida diet, as they contain Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria culture which can stop the growth of the Candida. But the vegans shouldn’t consume the yoghurt that are derived from soy milk as they sometimes contain sweeteners like agave syrup, amazake and honey. Other acceptable brands of soy cheese and milk can be a healthy alternative which can boost the level of calcium in the vegan’s body which helps in the growth and repair bones and teeth.


Oils and Condiments:

The oils that should be used for cooking any vegan Candida diet are the oils derived from avocado, olive, almond, canola, flax seeds, sesame etc. Coconut oil should be included as it contains antifungal properties. The food should be prepared by using sugar free herbs, spices, or mixes that can be used for seasoning, and fresh lemon juice can also enhance the taste and flavour of your food.

Pickles, fermented and vinegar-added foods should be strictly avoided as they are some of the sources on which the Candida cultures would love to grow and reproduce. Regular tea coffee consumption should be avoided.


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