Yeast Infection Bumps

Learn its causes, symptoms and some effective & safe home remedies.

Yeast infection / Candida bumps are one of the most common types of skin ailments and this trouble can attack a man or a woman, or even the infants at point in their lifetime. This trouble arises when the yeast keeps growing inside the body at an abnormally high rate and these bumps basically just display the intense infection inside the body. If adequate and timely care is not applied, these troubles can intensify and make living miserable for the victim. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss about the symptoms, causes as well as some safe & effective home remedies to treat the Candida bumps.


Can a Yeast Infection Cause Bumps?

Yeast infection bumps can arise due to overgrowth of the species of the Candida yeast fungus. The skin infection bumps are different from any other forms of skin ailments is that in the majority of the instances, it is merely the symptom of grave problems, triggered due to the abnormally high growth of yeasts in the human body. Hence, if you are wondering, can a yeast infection cause bump; the straightforward answer is that it can.

Discussing on the topic, can a yeast infection cause bumps, the probability for a yeast infection to cause the bumps are largely dependent on the aspect of the skin pH level. In this regard, one can cast the reference to the observation made by the Dermatology Department of the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden, headed by Runeman B. The team observed that skin bumps due to yeast infections majorly attacks those with unhealthy pH level. The testing involved 15 respondents. A similar observation was made by a team lead by Eishin Morita and this team found that it is basically the Candida species that plays the role of the main culprit to trigger such troubles.

This aspect leads to the misconception about the ailment and hence, in turn, makes it complicated to make the diagnosis and treat the actual causes of the troubles. In the majority of the instances, while treating these troubles, the doctors only treat the skin yeast infection, without getting into the root causes. As the outcome, the infections on the skin keep on digging deeper and it comes back again and again. Another blunder that you are likely to commit is using the harsh chemical products aggressively with the objective to produce the desired outcome within the shortest time. This eventually ends up intensifying the troubles and making life all the more miserable. Therefore, rather than taking some short-sighted or superficial approaches for treating these troubles, one should always opt for a permanent and root-cause solution to the yeast infection bump.

Though this ailment can affect any part of the human body, it is commonly observed to attack the places like the breast, armpit, buttocks, Groin, as well as in the male and female genital parts. In other words, these are the areas wherein the symptoms of this trouble display the most, though it affects the entire body underneath. As for the cause of this trouble, though there are various factors that can be listed, to a large extent, the extent of degree of hygiene practices plays a catalytic role in elevating these troubles.


What do Yeast Infection Bumps look like?

In the majority of the instances, Yeast Bumps come loaded with pus fluid and, usually, it takes the same color of the surrounding skin. If you are wondering, what do yeast infection bumps look like, in some instances, you are likely to find these bumps taking a red color and raise appearance, accompanied by inflammation to some extent. Often, these bumps are confused with Herpes that are similar bumps on the skin, but arising due some sort of sexually transmitted diseases.

Yeast Infection Bumps
Yeast Infection Bumps

While the bumps that have been triggered by yeast infection take a pus-filled, red and itchy character, you can experience some different instances as well. In such cases, you will neither find the bumps to produce itching sensations or coming loaded with pus. Thus, it takes an identical appearance of the raised pimples on the skin. Such instances arise mainly due to the habit of leading a non-hygienic and unhealthy lifestyle.

If your question is what do Candida bumps look like, the answer is that these bumps majorly appear in those parts of the body that stays moist for a major part of the day. Though the troubles are predominant in adults, however, infants are often seen to suffer from this ailment. In such cases, the bumps majorly appear on the skin and the mouth. It can be triggered by the wet diapers in infants.

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Following are some of the most commonly observed instances:

  • White patches coating or covering the wall of the vagina.

  • Bumps coming with white fluid content.

  • White patches, appearing on the tongue.

  • Feeling of a burning sensation or pain while urinating.

  • White coats appearing on the walls of the mouth or on the cheeks.

  • White patches appearing on the foreskin.

  • White Vaginal discharge coming with a contain that resemble the cottage cheese in its appearance and smell.


These descriptions are generalist in nature, and on a specific case, you are ought to find various deviations of these standard observations. Hence, if you experience such instances, the wisest act will be visiting the doctor as early as possible to get the adequate medical care in a timely manner. Most importantly, ensure that you are not getting into self-medications that are likely to intensify the trouble only. Fortunately, if you are availing adequate medical care in a timely manner it will not take long for the doctor to produce a root-cause and permanent solution to these troubles of the skin.

Yeast Infection Bumps
Yeast Infection Bumps

What are the symptoms of the bumps caused by Yeast infection?

Though the symptoms for this trouble vary on a case-to-case basis, however, following are the most commonly observed symptoms in the victims:

  • Soreness or itchiness in the area affected.

  • Appearance of tiny rashes or raised bumps.

  • Pimples comes with pus fluid.

  • Red rash

  • The vaginal wall getting coated with white patches.

  • Appearance of white coats and patches on the areas affected.

The moment you find these symptoms are persisting longer than usual, you should rush to adequate medical care to find a remedy to the troubles.


Vaginal Yeast Infection Bumps

Vaginal Yeast infection bumps come up due to the yeast-borne infections and to be specific, the Candida species are again the main culprit. Such Candida bumps on the vagina can even trigger the Labia to swell up and the walls of the vagina take a reddish appearance, coming along with some white patches. These symptoms persist for a long time and appear on a recurring basis. However, these troubles are common in more than 70% of women and the modern health science has got effective remedies to treat these troubles.

The most commonly observed symptoms of the vaginal yeast infection are that of itching sensation. In the majority instances, the Vulva tends to produce an itching sensation and even results to the soreness of the female genital part. If left unattended, such bumps can take a worst appearance and not sticking to the adequate hygiene standard, conditions will only intensify further.

One of the sub-types of the yeast infection vaginal bumps, the Cutaneous Yeast infection triggers the appearance of bumps on the genital part and after the vagina is invaded by the Candida Fungi, it is likely that these bumps will erupt and in some instances, it can even take a sore, reddish, itchy and inflamed condition.  Though yeast infections can attach man as well, ladies stand more vulnerable to this trouble and if diagnosed early, it will not be a problem to treat these troubles by applying adequate antibiotics.

The challenge with these types of yeast infections is that it tends to spread very fast and in the majority of the instances, take the worst outcome within the shortest time span, if you are late to apply the suitable remedial measures. Following are the symptoms to identify this trouble:

  • Soreness of the Vagina or the vulva having intense itchiness.

  • Bumps appearing the vagina and it starts spreading at a massive pace.

  • The inside vaginal wall,taking an abnormally reddish appearance.

  • It is likely that you will experience the vulva to take a swollen appearance or you start suffering from inflammation.

  • In few ladies, a drastic rise in the size of the Labia or swollen Labia is also observed.

Rather than feeling anxious and panic with these symptoms, it will be wise to approach medical care, as early as possible. The best approach will be to lead a hygienic lifestyle that will definitely prevent the outburst of these troubles.


Home Remedies

Reading the points discussed in the paragraphs above, you are likely to wonder for home remedies that will enable you to treat these troubles effectively and safely. Better to say, there are various natural agents that can offer a permanent and a root-cause solution to these troubles. Likewise, some simple lifestyle changes come highly effective in treating and preventing these ailments. Here are a few remedies that you can try at home to eliminate the bumps completely and permanently, without standing exposed to any risks:


  • Yogurt: looking for the most effective and safe remedies to fight vaginal yeast bumps? If so, you will hardly get a better alternative to Yogurt as it comes loaded with the friendly bacteria. You simply require applying a coating of yogurt on the affected areas and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse off with chilled water. You can expect to get a sweet surprise, applying this simple remedy for a few days.

  • You require sticking to a healthy diet: ensure that your diet includes an adequate volume of fresh fruits and vegetables that comes effective in eliminating the toxins out of the body. In addition, these foods will boost the immune system of the body that will enable you to fight the challenges and win over them. You should refrain from the consumption of foods that contain sugar in excessive extent. Likewise, it will be wise to include garlic in your diet that will enable you to prevent these threats naturally.

  • Boric acid: you can wash the area with a solution of boric acid in lukewarm water for a few days to get a delightful result. However, ensure that you are not putting excess of this agent in the solution that is likely to turn to a toxin. This will intensify the trouble, rather than addressing it.

Most importantly, to fight these bumps, you need to lead a healthy and hygienic lifestyle and you should refrain from putting on excessively tight outfits that are likely to intensify the troubles. Sticking to these measures will enable you to win over these challenges, eliminating the bumps within the shortest time and without triggering any adverse reactions. These natural remedies involve insignificant expenses and most importantly, it will never ever trigger any adverse reactions. Hence, it will be certainly wise to opt for these approaches.



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